Jami Gibbs

I'm a social impact activist, investor and computer programmer. Received a BS, Computer Science & Entrepreneurship in 2018.



  • Empower the World’s Future Leaders™
  • NYET, as the Global Headquarter of our all international presences, presents directions and methodologies to enable our mission and strategic goals to be done in a detailed manner in the real world across the globe. KET is the Powerhouse for Innovation and Entrepreneurship™ for Korean communities.

    Panking App

  • Winner of 'The Korea Design Award (Digital Media)', December 2017
  • I have been involved building an interactive election and political app in Korea. Korea is preparing to elect a new president this year. I look forward to the impact of the synergy between the power of journalism and digital media. I want to contribute to the dynamic frontier of changing political landscape of Korea through digital journalism.

    Twenty Media

  • Featured app store cover, September 2016
  • A concise summaries media that provides information for college student with iOS and Android app.

    Django Girls Seoul

  • Django Girls is a non-profit foundation that has chapters all over the world.
  • I am fortunate enough to be part of the Seoul chapter as a coach. It is a wonderful opportunity for women in Korea to come together and learn the basics of coding, free of charge.

    Code for Designers

  • Featured magazine cover 'Micro Software', February, 2015
  • For several years, I have run Code for Designers and taught programming basics to Korean graphic designers to develop their communication with software engineers in the workplace. After completing an intensive nine week program, designers can create anything they can imagine.

    Contact Me

    Send me an email or ping me on Linkedin if you’re into that sort of thing.